Family of Terry Young

2011 Grant Recipient

  • When my husband; Terry Young, started suffering some health problems 4 years ago, which subsequently was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we were overwhelmed. Trying to absorb all the new knowledge about Terry's condition, the doctor's appointments; trips to Northwestern for scans and MRIs, treatments, created a new routine for our family that was very hard to manage and continues to be.

    Last year, we were introduced to a contact at the Harley Helping Hands foundation. We found a community of wonderful & caring people, eager to help by either sharing their knowledge from their experience or just to make our day to day existence.

    They have helped our family financially which relieved some of the financial burden from the ongoing medical bills. Their understanding and compassion for our journey has made such a difference in our lives and we can't thank them enough!

    Debbie Young
    Wife of the late Terry Young
    Schaumburg, IL