Daniel Torres

2014 Grant Recipient

  • Dear Harley Helping Hands Donors and Supporters,

    My name is Daniel Torres. I am a cancer patient who has been fighting brain cancer for over a decade now. This cancer has impacted both me and my family greatly over the years. My family has been struggling with keeping me positive and healthy throughout the years. I am very grateful that organizations like yours are around to help my family and I get through our extremely difficult times. We dearly appreciate the grant that you have provided us with. The financial aid that you have granted my family and I is more than enough and for that we are extremely thankful. This grant will help with the financial burdens that we have been dealing with. It will keep me more at ease, and it will also make my family feel more secure.

    My family and I will be sure to tell everyone about how generous Harley Helping Hands has been to us as a way to encourage more funding for other families. We cannot thank you enough for your help and support. Continue doing great things.

    Forever Grateful,
    Daniel Torres and Family