Shawn Green

2016 Grant Recipient

  • We found out about Harley Helping Hands from someone who is not only a dear friend but also a brain tumor survivor. He had such amazing things to say about the organization and we were so happy to learn more about HHH!

    After Shawn's brain tumor resection in November 2015, he got a staph infection within the incision site. At that point, he lost most of the functionality on the right side of his body and his speech was also affected. He was at an inpatient rehab facility for a while, and then continued on with outpatient services. Unfortunately, our insurance coverage for outpatient therapy is limited to a certain number for the calendar year. When he reached his limit, we were able to find ways in which he could continue therapy, but we had to pay for the majority of it out-of-pocket.

    We are so appreciative of the grant from Harley Helping Hands; the funds will help us pay for Shawn's therapy so he can continue to get stronger!

    Erin Green
    Wife of Shawn
    Chicago, IL