Roy Scott-Tumbarello

2016 Grant Recipient

  • Harley Helping Hands grant made a year that was devastating and financially challenging for our family feel that we could breathe again. The funds provided by your organization will help us pay a large portion of debt that hoovered over us month to month while Roy has been fighting his brain cancer. This grant eliminated so much stress our family felt.

    Roy was diagnosed with 3 oligodendroglioma in September 2015 after a flight from Las Vegas for planning our wedding. Roy hasn't been able to work since then. He spent 21 days in the hospital for them to diagnosis his cancer. He underwent 2 brain tumor resections, proton radiation, multiple rounds of chemo therapy and having a grand mall seizure. He lost his ability to walk or talk, but through rehab has regained all of those functions.

    Roy makes our 3 daughters and me so proud how everyday he has such a positive outlook and keeps on fighting. Thank you Harley Help Hands for your help.

    Scott-Tumbarello Family
    Romeoville, IL