Family of Perry Rich

2015 Grant Recipient

  • On December 7, 2014, I woke up with left fascial paralysis and left hand weakness. The night before I had dropped several ornaments while decorating the Christmas Tree and spilled a drink in my lap. Something was up and it was complex. A trip to the ER and CT scan later revealed a right parietal brain mass. We knew we had trouble on our hands. We now find ourselves 9 months in (2 craniotomies, radiation, chemo, 1000s of prayers by us, family, and friends, and we are incorporating just about every holistic healing treatment approach you've heard of and many you haven't for attacking a GBM.

    We are on what we expect to be a long journey. Our mission is clear: to strengthening the rest of my body while starving the remaining GBM cells to the best of our ability.

    We could not have done this without the support of Harley Helping Hands. The financial support we received from them was a breath of fresh air in the everyday battle for my life. For those who have been diagnosed or are close to someone diagnosed with a Glioma, you know what the emotional roller coaster and bills can look like. Especially for those who don't have insurance or for those who are using supportive, adjuvant, or holistic treatment approaches to attack their cancer, you know the dollars can add up fast. Harley Helping Hands has helped to ease the financial burden of the treatment approaches we have taken and has allowed us to further empower ourselves in this battle to kick cancer to the curb.

    Thank you Harley Helping Hands. Your support will not be forgotten and we look forward to battling hard to support those who have supported us in the years to come."

    Family of Perry Rich
    Huntley, IL