Mitchell Teich

2017 Grant Recipient

  • Hi, my name is Jill Teich and we received a gift from HHH in June/July 2017. It has taken awhile to send this and I am sorry for the delay. My 55 year old husband was diagnosed with GBM on Dec 27 2016. Needless to say it changed everything and he went from a vibrant strong business owner (contractor), to a man who became vulnerable but determined to do all he could to fight. He seemed to encounter every complication but we still made the most of the time and made as many memories as possible with our 3 daughters and extended family.

    The girls are Mazzy-19, Veda-17, and Malyn-12. Your gift enabled us to buy a puppy and have it trained. We would do rescue except we have allergies and needed a labradoodle or similar. We had a labradoodle for 12 years that passed a year before Mitchell’s diagnosis. He had been promising the girls a puppy for a long time. The energy he brought into the house has been amazing and he has been a wonderful cuddle to all of us in down times.

    My husband and I were also able to take a weekend trip to Mexico that we had planned when he was first diagnosed and we had to postpone. The gift paid for our airfare and some dinners. On this trip he was able to see some friends that he has made over the 25 years he has been traveling to Mexico. He usually takes a yearly weekend for his birthday to Playa del Carmen and has gotten to know many of the locals. I can’t tell you how precious that trip was and the amazing time we shared. It was a challenge because he was losing mobility but we stuck it out and went to all of his favorite spots.

    On our return home his scan showed possible recurrence and a scan 3 weeks later showed progression with a vengeance. He was placed under hospice care Oct. 30 2017 and is currently enjoying his days with our puppy Oliver, our older dog Milo, and our daughters. I hope to help in an active role with HHH once we get past the next step as a way to heal and help. I can’t tell you what it meant to us at a very difficult and dark time. I have been trying to live every single day in the moment and have my girls understand the importance of the present. Soon our lives will undergo another change, but I know we will be strong and will always feel the love from all of you.

    Thank you again, Jill Teich

    The Teich Family
    Kildeer, IL