Social Worker of

2014 Grant Recipient

  • Dear Harley Helping Hands,

    In my work, I come across families who are in bad financial shape. Oftentimes when people hear the word "cancer", they attribute the burden of financial costs to the medical side of things. However, cancer does not discriminate. When a patient is diagnosed in the middle of tough financial times, they are taken to a new level of crisis.

    Your organization was able to bring a patient out of a very bad situation, very quickly. It was nothing short of a miracle to him and his family. HHH helps bring the patient's attention back to the real problem: the cancer itself and getting the best treatment. My patient was able to use these funds to pay for rent, bills, and gas/mileage to get to the hospital for visits. My patients said it was 'nothing short of a God-send.' What a blessing to every recipient of this grant: past, present, and future.

    Rachel and the whole team are an absolute inspiration to everyone. I can't say enough good things about your organization, and I certainly won't stop saying them! Thank you again for changing the lives of our patients suffering from brain tumors.

    Sandra Manley
    Oncology Social Worker