Family of Michael C. Liebner

2013 Grant Recipient

  • Michael was diagnosed last January with an inoperable brain tumor, a very large one at that. At times we felt as if we were in a spiral spinning so fast downward that nothing ever made sense. The trips to the Doctor's and testing are many and will continue. The financial burden that this places on a family is over whelming, there are times you just want to give up.

    Michael is my hero for going through Radiation and 2 forms of chemo. His fight for life gives us the strength to see this journey through.

    We received a grant from Harley Helping Hands, this is huge for us. This gift has given us time to smile, laugh and spend time with our 3 grand boys and focus on the present.

    Michael and I would like to say, "Thank You to the wonderful Angel's of Harley Helping Hands".

    Our days have been blessed by your generosity.

    Family of Michael C. Liebner
    Monee, IL