Anthony Letizia

2014 Grant Recipient

  • To Rachel Harley and the angels of Harley Helping Hands.
    My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012 after a seizure while golfing. It was then that we were shocked by his diagnosis. He had a successful surgery and recovered quickly allowing us to have had the last two years be full of amazing memories. Those memories included vacations, baseball parks (his favorite hobby) and most importantly; we welcomed our daughter Emme into this world in May of 2013.
    In September of 2014, Anthony's symptoms started to escalate and we learned that the tumor had changed and grown. He needed lifesaving surgery because the swelling was causing such damage and another surgery to remove the deadly tumor. He endured those two surgeries and will now push through months of rehabilitation to try to regain his mobility and speech damaged by the aggressive but necessary surgery.
    Your generosity is helping our family with the financial burden during Anthony's recovery and it has lessened the stress on making all ends meet while enduring this long road to recovery. Although my twin sister has been the primary contact with you while I worked through two surgeries with Anthony, you always made me feel supported when in the darkest moments. Your foundation brought peace and hope when I didn't know what else may be around the corner. Knowing I wasn't alone gave me the strength to fight even harder for Anthony's recovery.
    Overall, the gift you have given us will truly allow us to focus on each other, our daughter, our family and the memories we can create today. It has helped reshape an already focused perspective changed by a diagnosis of brain cancer. We look forward to paying it forward and supporting this amazing organization in the future.
    Thank you for all you do. Your foundation truly is an inspiration. Once Anthony can put the words together that I know are in his heart, I know that he will tell you himself how thankful he is for you being our angels during this difficult time.
    Much Love, Sarah, Anthony, and Emme

    Sarah Czoty
    Wife of Anthony Letizia
    Chicago, IL