Family of Bob Guge

2013 Grant Recipient

  • I am sitting in the waiting room at Northwestern Hospital while my husband has his second tumor removed and begins another trial drug.

    This painful journey began for us in November 2012. My husband started pulling out in front of traffic and almost killed us several times. He showed up late to an open house for an exhibit of his work and did not understand why we were so alarmed at his behavior. Because of other things we noticed about his behavior, we took him to the hospital where we were told he had a malignant tumor. Two days later, he had it removed and began six weeks of chemo, radiation, and a trial drug. He was able to work for a while but by April he was unable to walk or dress himself. I quit my job to take care of him because he cannot be alone anymore.

    Our social worker at Northwestern told us about Harley Helping Hands, and we were so moved by the story of how it started. The fact that you keep it going in Mr. Harley's honor speaks volumes of what he and his family meant to the women.

    We used the grant money you gifted us to pay two house payments. We have lived in our home for 24 years and are in danger of losing it. We will probably have to sell it, but your grant will help keep us from going into foreclosure before that.

    On August 25th Bob and I will mark 40 years of marriage. I have watched my strong, 60 year old husband go from an amazing artist who has been a five-time world champion bird carver, father of eight amazing children, grandfather to nine beautiful grandchildren, get weaker with each passing day, unable to paint or carve his masterpieces. Cancer is a devastating disease, but it is people like you who come into our lives and make the journey so much lighter.

    Thank you.

    Jody Guge
    Wife of Bob Guge
    Sleepy Hollow, IL