Denny Pelarinos

2016 Grant Recipient

  • To our amazing angels at Harley's Helping Hands,

    In 2001, my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Late 2013, he had some memory issues. January 2014, he was feeling very nauseous, had headaches, etc. An MRI seemed to show a tumor. A neurosurgeon was unsure if this was a rare MS lesion or a tumor. They suggested another MRI in 3 mos., however, in the meantime, in March, he had a grand mal seizure. We sought a second opinion in May. This MD, suggested we do a biopsy. Fast forward to June 2014, a craniotomy determined he had a Grade 2 (precancerous tumor) Astrocytoma. The MD was only able to remove 75%. We were told due to his MS, that radiation would make his MS worse, and his MS was already progressive. MD suggested follow up MRI'S every 6mos to monitor it. In early February 2016, we were told the tumor had regrown. End of February, the MD could only safely remove 50% of the tumor. It had progressed to Grade 3 (cancerous) Anaplastic (malignant) Astrocytoma. We never knew that this was a gluey tentacle like tumor that would keep aggressively progressing. We did opt for treatments of radiation and chemo. His walking became worse, other symptoms became more pronounced, etc.

    I became aware of Harley Helping Hands. I cried when I heard our grant request was accepted. We're trying to get through each day, however this process has been emotionally overwhelming with failing health, bills, etc.

    To HHH and all of the people who donate to this wonderful cause, we want to thank you and all for helping to take a little stress off of our minds.

    Thank you so very much,

    Pam & Denny Pelarinos