Family of Malaika Corsentino

2013 Grant Recipient

  • After several weeks of bad headaches and drastic lethargic symptoms, a visit to the doctors office ordered an MRI visit that explained all these symptoms. A large growth tumor led to ordering a biopsy surgery the next day and was identified as glioblastoma. After a month of hospital intensive care and months of round the clock home care with radiation and chemotherapy treatments, there was much uncertainty. Harlely Helping Hands has really been there for Malaika and our family so we could continue with this devastating battle.

    Harlely Helping Hands helped Malaika to acheive a goal to get back to 100%. She fought hard for her life through all these treatments to be back to the mother of her three children and wife she was. As it turns out she did come back 100% and we were able to do so much as a family.

    By September 2014 Malaika's next MRI visit revealed the tumor relocated and took over very quickly and the treatments that worked so well before were no longer effective and Malaika passed April 14, 2015. Thanks Harley Helping Hands for providing financial support to go thru this recovery journey that allowed so many great memories of Malaika.

    Thank you Harley Helping Hands for supporting those fighting this battle!!
    John Corsentino
    Husband of Malaika Corsentino