Family of Tasha Cannon

2013 Grant Recipient

  • I want thank everyone for their kind wishes and support. We suffered a great loss when Tasha passed. We are just taking things a couple of hours at a time for now.

    This family has been through a lot. Five years of the effects of brain tumor on a woman who wasn't even 40 when it all started.

    I have had people ask what they can do. If anyone wants to make a gesture in Tasha Cannon's honor, I would like you to make that gesture to This organization offers grants to adults dealing with brain tumors. I know this group and they are honest and true.

    Many organizations are putting money into research but this group gives real financial help to those who are right in the middle of the illness and who are also coping with loss of income and medical bills.

    This is real help for people in real need. Thank you.

    Bill Cannon
    Husband of Tasha Cannon
    Hanover Park, IL