Gretchen Corteen

  • Gretchen began volunteering with HHH shortly after they were founded in 2009. After teaching in an elementary classroom for 10 years, she opted to stay home with her 2 children and dedicate her time to her family and volunteer work.

    After watching Kit fight his battle, it inspired Gretchen to get involved and use her organizational skills to help HHH grow into a prosperous foundation.

    Over the past 5 years she overseen fundraising events such as: Harley Helping Hands Cookbook: Cooking For a Cause, planning and orchestrating the HHH Arlington Racetrack Family Day Event, and creating and receiving donations for the Giving Tree at the annual Spring Soiree Event. Gretchen recently has taken on some of the roles in establishing the grants to be given to those families in need.

    Gretchen graduated from University of Iowa with a BA in Elementary Education and received her Masters of Arts in Teaching from Aurora University.