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  • Harley Helping Hands is overwhelmed by the tremendous generosity we have received from our supporters.

    We are proud to share with you that due to your support we issued over $400,000 in grants to individuals fighting brain cancer-some of these families have shared their words of appreciation below.

    We hope you will continue to support Harley Helping Hands as there are many more individuals that need our help during their fight.
  • Jimmy Harnden

    "Harley Helping Hands helped alleviate so much of the anxiety that comes along with hospital bills and debt collectors. They cut a ton of stress out of my family's lives when they chose to give me a grant."
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  • Family of Roy Scott-Tumbarello

    "Harley Helping Hands grant made a year that was devastating and financially challenging for our family feel that we could breathe again."
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  • Pam and Denny Pelarinos

    "I cried when I heard our grant request was accepted. We're trying to get through each day, however this process has been emotionally overwhelming with failing health, bills, etc. To HHH and all of the people who donate to this wonderful cause, we want to thank you and all for helping to take a little stress off of our minds."
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  • Family of Shawn Green

    "We are so appreciative of the grant from Harley Helping Hands; the funds will help us pay for Shawn's therapy so he can continue to get stronger!"
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  • Family of Nancy Collins

    "At a time when life wounded our hearts by taking my wife and the children's mother through this insidious disease of glioblastoma multiforme, Harley Helping Hands extended both comforting words and financial support to myself and my children."
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  • Family of Malaika Corsentino

    "Harlely Helping Hands helped Malaika to acheive a goal to get back to 100%. She fought hard for her life through all these treatments to be back to the mother of her three children and wife she was. As it turns out she did come back 100% and we were able to do so much as a family."
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  • Alicia Pence

    "When I received news that we would receive a grant from Harley Helping Hands, it gave me hope that we would be fine and it gave me extra strength to keep fighting."
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  • Rick Johnston

    "We still have a lot of bills but through the help of Harley Helping Hands I have caught up on some of them. THANK YOU, HARLEY HELPING HANDS I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!"
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  • Family of Tasha Cannon

    "I have had people ask what they can do. If anyone wants to make a gesture in Tasha Cannon's honor, I would like you to make that gesture to This organization offers grants to adults dealing with brain tumors. I know this group and they are honest and true."
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  • Susan Berkery

    "I am so grateful for the grant I received, it would have been very hard to make ends meet if it were not for Harley Helping Hands."
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  • Mike Solberg

    "Like many other families in our situation, we worry about the many stresses this diagnosis brings such as the emotional, physical and financial. Any time one of those stresses can be alleviated it makes the situation a little easier to handle."
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  • Jose Ramirez

    "Their journey has been long and difficult, but through it all, they have maintained a united front to battle this disease. The financial burden of many hospitalizations, surgeries, and treatments has been great. They are so grateful for all your organization has done to relieve some of that burden."
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  • Perry Rich

    "Harley Helping Hands has helped to ease the financial burden of the treatment approaches we have taken and has allowed us to further empower ourselves in this battle to kick cancer to the curb."
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  • Jon Anderton

    "Thank you for your support, with out it Jon wouldn't be doing as well as he is!"
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  • Trinity Tatpiec

    "I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Harley foundation and hoping and praying more will be helped by this foundation in years to come. With such big amount, it will help us with our finances having my wife as the only breadwinner."
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  • Family of Gary Stewart

    "It's really hard to explain that feeling when one of the things that has been sitting on your shoulders gets lifted off. There are tears...good tears. And then a bit of shock and then overwhelming appreciation."
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  • Charlene Green

    "When I received a response back from Harley Helping Hands, it gave me hope and things started looking up for me again. But most of all me and my family are not alone on this journey."
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  • Family of Alan Spann

    "When I first heard that we were getting this grant I said finally some good news, after all the bad news in the past 19 months."
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  • Family of Anthony Letizia

    "The gift you have given us will truly allow us to focus on each other, our daughter, our family and the memories we can create today."
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  • Kelsey Orr

    "Helping Hands is Awesome!!! God Bless all of you!! Thank You! Thank You!!"
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  • Family of Michael C. Liebner

    "This gift has given us time to smile, laugh and spend time with our 3 grand boys and focus on the present."
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  • Bob Guge

    "Cancer is a devastating disease, but it is people like you who come into our lives and make the journey so much lighter."
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  • Joe Rice

    "Harley Helping Hands...All I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart!! Your organization is truly making a difference in peoples lives!"
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  • Family of Terry Young

    "We found a community of wonderful & caring people, eager to help by either sharing their knowledge from their experience or just to make our day to day existence. Their understanding and compassion for our journey has made such a difference in our lives and we can't thank them enough!"
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  • Family of Curtis Thomas

    "Harley Helping Hands is run by angels disguised as everyday people. The generosity of your foundation allowed us to focus on taking care of Curtis instead of the financial burden that comes with cancer. We are so grateful for Harley's Helping Hands!"
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  • Teddy and Mandy Ougheltree

    "We truly cannot thank Harley Helping Hands and its generous supporters enough. This week, with your help, we were able to nearly pay off a hospital bill that has been looming over our heads for months."
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  • Nolan Domagata

    "I wanted to thank you for the grant I received. It has lifted a huge burden that was resting upon my shoulders...with this grant I can now afford to see the right specialists and continue to receive the ongoing help that I need."
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  • Melissa Konrad

    "Harley Helping Hands came to the rescue to help us pay some of the bills that we found piling up. The generosity and compassion that we've been shown from Harley Helping Hands has certainly made this journey a little easier. Thank you!"
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  • Family of Kit Harley

    "Kit was so honored when they presented the foundation to him and instantly started brainstorming on how HHH could help other families quickly. I am eternally grateful for HHH and how it helped me and my children. Even more honored to forever be a part of an organization that will honor Kit and his incredible courage."    Read the full testimonial
  • Daniel Torres

    "This grant will help with the financial burdens that we have been dealing with. It will keep me more at ease, and it will also make my family feel more secure."
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  • Sandra Manley, LSW

    "Your organization was able to bring a patient out of a very bad situation, very quickly. It was nothing short of a miracle to him and his family."
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  • Family of Gonzalo Villanueva

    "When we thought there was nowhere or no one to turn to for help, I stumble upon Harley Helping Hands on the Internet. Words can't express how thankful we are for their wonderful help financially. We can't thank you enough. Harley Helping Hands is a wonderful organization."
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  • Samantha Kittle

    "I would like to thank the Harley Helping Hands foundation for the grant I received. The grant money makes me feel like I can manage my situation just a little bit more. Thank you for making me feel like I am not going through this alone."
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  • Joy Lindahl

    "I want to say thanks to all of you who gave us the helping hand that we needed at a time like this. When you have the support and help from others it helps the situation so much. Harley Helping Hands is so great to help people that need the help during this tough time. Thank you."
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  • Ilhem Zenati

    "Harley Helping Hands came to the rescue to help us pay some of the medical bills. I am not able to work due to the disease, so H.H.H helped pay my expensive pain medication as well as my house bills. Despite my disease, H.H. H was able to return the smile to my face with the help provided."
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  • Family of Julie Dimitri

    "The support and generosity of Harley Helping Hands helped us to pay for my mom's caregiver and medical bills. I cannot thank Harley Helping Hands enough! I feel blessed to have been a recipient."
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  • Family of Michael Jones Sr.

    "When I was struggling with what to do next, I found out about this amazing organization Harley Helping Hands. They have lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders and this organization is a true angel from heaven."
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